Show your stuff

Elevate your customer experience

Show your stuff.

Elevate your customer experience

There’s a Linkroom for that

Museums and Exhibits

Showrooms &
Product Demos

Museums and Exhibits

Venue Tours &
Site Visits

Museums and Exhibits

Events &

Museums and Exhibits

Education &

Corporate Events

Open up shop

Bring your products to more people, removing the need to travel. Give a live demonstration any time, from anywhere. It’s your virtual showroom and it’s always available.

Doors are always open

Host more site visits with more convenience. Walk through your venue virtually, showing off your spaces or anything that makes your business special.
Sports and Entertainment
Museums and Exhibits

Network like never before

Create one-of-a-kind experiences that build connection and energy. Strike up a conversation, Linkpad to Linkpad, and leave a lasting impression.

Class is in session

Transform learning and training experiences. Approach topics from every angle, exploring 3-Dimensional spaces and objects together.

Retail Showrooms

Experience Linkroom in action.