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Attract and engage top talent

Elevate your recruiting experience to land the best candidates.

The future
of recruiting

Make it effortless to show what makes you special, inviting
recruits in for a visit from anywhere in the world.

One of a kind experiences

Imagine being face-to-face in a virtual replica of your facilities with your candidates, selling the excitement of your program like never before.

No downloads or equipment

All you need is a browser and Internet connection.

Why recruiters and recruits love Linkroom

  • Improve your ability to meet with top talent and discover others
  • Increase the number of meet and greets you can manage
  • Save time and money throughout the recruiting process
  • Elevate the recruiting experience to gain a winning edge
  • Improve convenience for recruits and their families
  • Remove the barriers to meet
  • Decrease operating costs, travel & expenses
  • Provide branded assets that can be used for more than just recruiting

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