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Your Booth, Always Open

Develop deep connections with buyers and partners through
immersive branded experiences.

Set the stage to

With a meeting solution inside your booth that allows for
product demonstrations and customizations.

Get into the details from
anywhere in the world

When communication and budgets collide, build intimate face to face opportunities to meet and teach.

Make it personal, make it you

Build unique digital assets that excite your customers,
and build relationships

No downloads or equipment

All you need is a browser and Internet connection.

Why marketing, sales, and experiencial teams love Linkroom

  • Elevate branded customer experiences
  • Show off products in an engaging way
  • Increase prospect pipeline, close faster
  • Gain a hardworking, immersive sales tool
  • Learn, Teach, and Grow around your Brand
  • Network and share in a new and exciting way
  • Develop globally available content
  • Create more opportunities to meet and share
  • Reduce operating costs on travel & shipping expenses
  • Remove barriers to meet in our busy world

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