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Build your virtual hall, no space required

Create a global destination for people to visit year-round.

The future
of halls of fame

Create a space that can make the historic pieces in your collection available anywhere, anytime, increasing attendance and adding convenience.

One of a kind experiences

Imagine a place where anyone can go to explore, learn and engage with others, whether you have a physical location or not.

No downloads or equipment

All you need is a browser and Internet connection.

Why Halls of Fame & Museums love Linkroom

  • Increase visitation and in-person attendance
  • Open up scalable recurring revenue streams
  • Sell the future vision and raise capital
  • Gain a reusable branded asset
  • Create meet & greet opportunities
  • Show off more pieces from your collection than spaces allows
  • Save time and money by reducing operating costs and travel expenses
  • Remove the barriers to meet

Learn why IIFX built their
Hall of Honors with Linkroom

“What a great place to show off products and save time and money. I think that’s a home run. There’s no limit to where the Innovation Institute is going to go because of Linkroom.”

Dr. Lou Marciani, Director and Co-Founder
The Innovation Institute for Fan Experience

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