Meet differently

Show up and show off your product

Meet differently

Show up and show off your product

No downloads or equipment needed, just a browser and Internet connection

You have something important to share. Meet and engage
face-to-face in immersive branded environments that you create. Demonstrate your products visually,
show off your content or anything that makes your business unique.

Decrease Meeting Fatigue

Gain an advantage

Build a top of funnel that will be the envy of your competition. Demonstrate your product right now, not next week, with real-time collaboration.

Your space, your way

Shape your environment to fit your business and highlight what makes your products and services standout from the rest.

Better Communication

Anytime, Anywhere

Offer freedom and flexibility in immersive branded meeting spaces. It’s an always-on sales tool for people to visit and revisit anytime.

Spatial Interaction

Speedy time to value

Create additional impact instantly. Remove the barriers to meet. Accelerate decision and action.

Spatial Interaction

Easy to use

All you need is a browser and an Internet connection. No avatars. No goggles, gear or downloads. 

Spatial Interaction

Security & Scale

Strengthen connections with secure and reliable meetings. Stay in control with enterprise-grade uptime and security.

Experience Linkroom in action.