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Meet differently

New revenue &

engagement opportunities

Seamlessly combine web conferencing with customized 3-dimensional

environments to create a whole new level of connection.

Learn why IIFX built their
Hall of Honors with Linkroom

“What a great place to show off products and save time and money. I think that’s a home run. There’s no limit to where the Innovation Institute is going to go because of Linkroom.”

Dr. Lou Marciani, Director and Co-Founder
The Innovation Institute for Fan Experience

No downloads
or equipment needed,

just a browser and
internet connection.

Gain an advantage

Create new revenue streams and deliver global impact with engaging, one-of-a-kind experiences.

Your space, your way

Design your environment to fit your business and highlight what makes your products and services standout from the rest.

Meet your Linkpad

Conversations are no longer bound to a single, locked position. Linkpads enable users to move through space and meet face-to-face, just like in real life.

Anytime, anywhere

Offer speed, freedom, and flexibility in immersive branded meeting spaces. It’s your virtual place, and it’s always available.

There’s a Linkroom for you

Speedy time to value

Create additional impact instantly. Remove the barriers to meet. Accelerate decision and action.

Easy to use

All you need is a browser and an Internet connection. No avatars. No goggles, gear or downloads.

Security & Scale

Strengthen connections with secure and reliable meetings. Stay in control with enterprise-grade uptime and security.

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